ABAP – Calculating the weekends for a particular period

In ABAP we can calculate the weekend information for a particular period using the function module CATSXT_GET_HOLIDAYS. This function module will give all the details of the weekends between a BEGDA and ENDDA. Syntax with example: data: it_wday         type catsxt_iscal_day_itab, count type i. CALL FUNCTION 'CATSXT_GET_HOLIDAYS' EXPORTING IM_PERSONNEL_NUMBER = pernr-pernr IM_BEGIN_DATE       = begda IM_END_DATE         = endda IM_GET_WEEKEND_DAYS = 'X' IMPORTING EX_HOLIDAYS         = it_wday. count = lines( it_wday ).   Here the internal table it_wday will contains all the details of the ...

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