SAP ABAP -Steps to Search and implement SAP Notes

Some time in SAP standard code wont satisfies the user requirement or some functionality wont be as expected.
In that case the developer can go for SAP note. SAP note is the modification to the standard code.You can search or implement the SAP note as follows:

1. Go to the link SAP Notes

2. Click on the button Launch the SAP Note and KBA search.









4. Enter your SUSERID and Password. and you will get the below screen.








5. Here you can type your search term it can be your report name, function module name, table name or your SAP note number if you know it before. I have just given the SAP note 2066631.

6. You can see the related SAP Note for your search term.

7. Click on the required note and you can see the detailed explanation of that note.

8. You can see the  correction instruction  and  click on the number . Then we can see the code that we need to apply in the SAP system.

9. Also you can download it as PDF versdion.

Please find the screenshot for poits 8 and 9.



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