SAP FPM – Floor Plan Manager

Floor Plan Manager:

Floor plan manager is an framework using which we can create and configure the webdynpro applications of the webdynpro abap.

Using the configuration editor of the floor plan manager we can combine different application specific view of the different component into a single new floor plan manager application. This floor plan manager application can be integrated into the portal for accessing this component.

This is something similar to view where in view we have our application data distributed across different tables and we combine it in a view where as here different components which are required to do a particular functionality are assembled using a FPM application.

Advantages of Floor plan manager:

1. This design follows the SAP UI guidelines.

2. User of this application benefits by quicky and easily familarize themselves with the new applications.

3. The integration of Floor plan and GUIBB in the FPM accelerates the creation of UI and ensure that all the UI element behave in a same way.

4. Time consuming user interface programming is greatly reduced by application programming.

5. Simple applications are adjusted by configuring the FPM instead of modifying the webdynpro component. (Reduced development effort). [E.g hiding a view of container in the view.]

6. Any such adjustment made to the application using the configuration editor of the FPM are called modification free changes.

7. FPM Uses the webdynpro adjustment concept.

8. Integration of different webdynpro components in one FPM application.

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