SAP – Finding BAPI for a specific transaction

Please follow the below steps to find out BAPI for a given tcode:

Here I am using the tcode  KE21N for example.

1. Go to SE93 and enter you tcode KE21N  and click display.

2. Find out the package from there.

3. Now goto SE80 and give the package name.

4. Expand the Business Engineering folder and expand Business Object Types folder.

5. Now you can see different Business objects as below.





















6.Double click on one Business object  that is appropriate to you requirement, by seeing the name of the business object.

I have selected BUS1169.

7. Now you are inside the Business Object and expand the methods.

8. Double click on the methods that have green icon.



9. Now go to the ABAP tab and you can see the BAPI name here.



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