SAP ABAP – Views Concept

Like all other language SAP ABAP also contains view concept.

In SAP ABAP data are saved in different tables , and if you want to join the data in different table you can use the view concept.

  • A view is an object, like the telescope, that provides a picture of something.
  • We can construct a view with special “lenses” or “filters” to allow us to look at one or more dictionary tables.  We can look at parts of one table (selected records and/or fields) or combinations of tables and parts of tables.
  • A view is an ABAP Dictionary object.
  • In many cases, you reference a view in an ABAP program just as you would a table.  For example, you can select data from a view.  However, a view does not contain data of its own – rather, the view provides specialized access to the data that exists in other tables.  For this reason, views are often called virtual tables.
  • We can use views to:
  • Join several tables
  • Project (or choose) certain fields from one or more tables
  • Select (or choose) certain records from one or more tables

Join, projection, and selection are called relational operations.


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