SAP ABAP – Type Groups

  • Type groups are used for creating customer-defined data types.  These type groups are created in the ABAP Dictionary and are available for use in all ABAP programs.
  • The main purpose is efficiency of coding time.  If there is a certain non-standard SAP type that the programmers find themselves using often in code, it would save coding and maintenance time to have them centrally defined.
  • Type groups are ABAP Dictionary Objects
  • They are defined with the keyword TYPE-POOL followed by the name of the type group (this statement is created automatically in the first line of the dictionary editor). Type group names are limited to five characters. (To display a type pool, go to R3 Repository Information System (Tcode: SE84) ->ABAP Dictionary-> Other Objects-> Type groups.

To create a type pool, go to Object Navigator (Tcode: SE80) ->Click the ‘Edit Object’ button in the Application toolbar and Select the tab ‘Dictionary’-> Check the radio button for Type group-> Type a name in the corresponding field-> Finally hit the create button)

  • Types of a type group must begin with the type group name and an underscore
  • Variables can be declared in ABAP programs using the customer defined types.  Type groups are referenced in programs by using the TYPE-POOLS statement.  In the example above, the data type (character, integer, packed number, etc.) and length for each data variable is defined by using a type from the  type group.


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