SAP ABAP – Search Helps

  • Search helps are dictionary objects that we develop to compile a set of valid values for users. ( Search helps replace the functionality of matchcodes in the previous releases of SAP R/3. Match codes are obsolete now and we should therefore only learn about Search Helps)
  • All throughout SAP, users must enter values into onscreen fields.  These requested inputs often are numerical codes and ID’s, or abbreviations.  Acceptable values might not be immediately evident, or the user might have forgotten the necessary input.
  • The user has 2 paths of help available, hitting the F1 function key (which displays documentation,), and hitting the F4 function key, which displays valid values.
  • Sometimes a list of valid values will appear when you hit F4, even if a search help was not defined for that field.  These valid values come from the domain that is attached to the field.  If we invoke a search help, we will see its results, not those from the domain valid values.  Whether a search help is available or not depends on whether the programmer has attached one to the field.
  • Search helps can return more than just the original search field to the screen.

Types of search helps.


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