SAP ABAP – Search Help Exits

  • A search help exit is a function module.  Basically, it is extra code that can be included in the processing of the search help at specific times.
  • When designing your own search help exits, use function module F41F_SHLP_EXIT_EXAMPLE as a template.
  • You have the option to include a search help exit with your elementary and collective search helps.
  • A call is made to the search help exit at several times during the regular processing of the search help.  By adding code to the search help exit, you can change the appearance and functionality of how the search help appears to the user.
  • Existing SAP search help exits can be found in the Information System as function modules beginning with F4UT_.  An example is F4UT_OPTIMIZE_COLWIDTH, which fits the columns of a hit list to be as wide as the widest piece of data.
  • Search help exits are not recommended to be overused, to preserve the integrity of the regular search help process.


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