SAP ABAP – Collective search help

  • A collective search help is a combination of elementary search helps, so that the user has the option to pick any path to get to the answer.
  • Adding an elementary search help to an SAP table is considered a modification, and you would have to register your change.
  • Adding an elementary search help to an existing collective search help on an SAP table is allowed without registering.
  • To get an idea about the use of Search Help, you can go to transaction XD01(Create Customer: Initial Screen) and hit F4 after placing the cursor on the Customer Number field.
  • The collective Search Help DEBI is displayed, which in turn is the combination of multiple elementary search helps(each in a different tab). The Selection Screen for the first elementary Search Help “Customers (general)” is displayed.


Creation of Collective search help:

  • Creating a collective search help begins in the same way as creating an elementary search help.  Simply choose “collective” instead of “elementary”.
  • There are two parts to maintain in the collective search help definition, the Interface section, and the Search helps section.
  • Since the collective search help is meant to be a collection of elementary search helps, you should use the parameters section to declare all export parameters from all of the individual elementary search helps.
  • Typically, the elementary search helps are returning the same export parameter, so you would indicate just that one export parameter in the interface here.
  • The second section of the definition screen is the Search helps section.  All you have to do here is enter the names of the elementary search helps you will include in your collective search help.
  • Do not forget to create parameter assignments.  You need to create the link from an elementary search help back to the collective search help.  Select each elementary search help entry and hit “Param. assignment”.  The system will generate a suggested assignment.


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