ABAP – Types of Messages

Messages in ABAP are used for diplaying the error,warning, success etc. information to the user. There are 6 types of messages are available in SAP ABAP.



Syntax for message is

MESSAGE <message> TYPE <message type>.

We can issue a status message as follows. Status message will be displayed in the status bar. After the message is displayed the program continues after the MESSAGE statement.

MESSAGE 'This is a status message' TYPE 'S'.


Information message will be displayed in a dialog box. Once the user has confirmed the message, the program continues immediately after the MESSAGE statement.

MESSAGE 'This is an information message' TYPE 'I'.


Error message in report programs will be displayed in the status bar and when the user press enter, the program terminates.

MESSAGE 'This is an error message' TYPE 'E'.


Warning message behaves similar to error message in report programs.

Type W

Exit Message – No message is displayed, and the program terminates with a short dump. Short dumps can be viewed in t-code ST22.

MESSAGE 'This produces short dump' TYPE 'X'.


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