ABAP – Table Creation

  1. Go to transaction SE11
  2. Enter table name
  3. Select create button
  4. Add description
  5. Delivery and Maintenance  tab
    1. Enter delivery class
    2. Select Maintenance options
  • Maintenance allowed with restriction – We cannot maintain values directly into table.(SM30 we can enter)
  • Maintenance allowed – We can directly enter values in table
  • Maintenance not allowed -

     6. Field Tab

  1. Enter fields and data elements, If data element not exist create it.
  2. The field can have predefined type.
  3. Tick the primary keys.
  4. Some fields can have search help , if it is there then select the field and enter the search help then save.


    7. Entry Help/Check Tab

  1. Some field can have some reference tables
  2. If so select the field and click the key button, then save


   8. Technical Settings

  1. Enter the data class
  2. Enter the size category
  3. Save the desire options

   9. Select extras option , select Enhancement Category

Select the enhancement that needed.

  1. Can be enhanced (Deep)
  2. Can be enhanced (Character type or  numeric)
  3. Can be enhanced (Character type)
  4. Cannot be enhanced
  5. Not Classified


  11. Check the syntax errors

  12. Activate the table

  13. If Table Maintenance Generator is needed

Go to Utilities =>Table Maintenance Generator

  1. Enter Authorization Group
  2. Authorization   Object
  3. Function Group
  4. Package
  5. Maintenance Type
  6. Main Screen No.

                   If we are maintaining TMG then we can enter values to the table through SM30.

                  And the screen we can edit by double clicking on the screen number.

                 We can also maintain value to the table by using maintenance view

  14. A table may have text table.

        Select  the menu  Goto=>Text Table               and define the text table.


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