ABAP Smartform Introduction


Smart Form technology allows to design print forms. ABAP programs have to “call” them so that spools are generated, ready to be printed.

SMARTFORMS is the transaction to design the smart form layout.

  • It is possible to embed texts, images, tables, barcodes.
  • Importing parameters have to be defined so that an ABAP program can send the data to be printed.
  • When the smart form is activated, a function module is generated that an ABAP program has to call. You should never assume the name of this function module as it may change in each system after import. See below how to do.

SMARTSTYLES transaction allows to define paragraph and character formats (fonts, barcodes, etc.)

Though ABAP code can be entered in the Smart Form, it is best to not do it, and make the calling ABAP program pass all data via parameters. This will ease the conversion into Interactive Forms By Adobe. The only ABAP code
that needs to remain in the Smart Form is the part which handles page break processing (sub-totals and so on).

Smart Form technology has replaced SAPscript technology since release 4.6C, and has been superseded by Interactive Forms by Adobe since release 6.40.


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