ABAP Smart form for address displaying

Displaying of address through Smart form can be done as follows:

1. Go to tcode smartforms

2. Enter your smart form name and press create button.

3. Enter the short description.

4. To create a text go to Pages and windows-> Main Window and Right click on Main Window and select Create->Address

5. Enter the short description and enter the address number.

Address are stored in the table ADRC. Select one address number from the table. For example: address number=256

6. Save and activate it.

7. Now we will go the Function module screen, execute the function module

8. Since we do not have any parameters to pass on, click on Execute.

9. Enter the output device name and Page number as 00001 and click on the Print preview.

10. Now we will get  address for the  number 256 from table ADRC.





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