ABAP Simple Smart form Application

ABAP Smart form for displaying a simple text can be done as follows:

1. Go to tcode smartforms

2. Enter your smart form name and press create button.

3. You will get the below screen and enter the short description.

smart form






4. To create a text go to Pages and windows-> Main Window and

Right click on Main Window and select Create->Text as in the picture.



5. Enter the description and text that you want to show in the smart form.



6. Save and activate the smart form.

7. Click on Environment à Function module name for knowing the Function module for our smart form.

8. Test the smart form by clicking the test button.

9. Now we will go the Function module screen, execute the function module

10. Since we do not have any parameters to pass on, click on Execute.

11. Enter the output device name and Page number as 00001 and click on the Print preview.

12. Now we will get our smart form.



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