ABAP – PA Infotype Creation

For example PM Infotype 9020 can be created through the following steps:

1. Check the non-existence of the info type: Check for the existence of any info type with the given number in the tables T582A and T777D.

2. Go to SE11 and create a structure with the prefix PS…like PS9020 (example)

3. Enter the required fields. Save and activate the structure.

4. Go to transaction code PM01 .

5. Go to the tab IT

6. Enter the infotype number: 9020

7. Choose Generate Objects

8. The infotype was created.

9. Then create entries in table T582S for different languages.

10. In SE38 check the program MP902000.

11. In SE51 check the screens for the program MP902000.

12. Create the screens ifyou need to create.

13. Go to PM01, enter the Infotype number, Select the technical characteristics

14. Enter the technical characteristics.

15. If (IDOC) data segment is present then,Go to WE31 creat the segment

16. Enter the fields required and save it.

17. Again go to PM01, enter the Infotype number, Select Infotype attributes

18. Enter the necessary details and save it.

19. Go to SE35, Checks the Dialog module program.

20. Check the infotype, by creating entries.

21. Go to PA30, Create the Infotype entries and save it.

22. Checks the table P9020 for the entries.

Points to be noted:

1. Checks the table maintainance generator for all the tables.


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