ABAP – List of Events

Below is the list of events in ABAP:


Initialization : triggered when the report is loaded in memory.

At selection-screen output : triggered when the selection screen is loaded in memory before being displayed.

At selection-screen / <field> : before leaving the selection screen.

start-of-selection : the first event for displaying the report.

end-of-selection : after the start-of-selection is completed.

classiscal report events.

top-of-page : every time a new page is started in the list.

end-of-page : every time the list data reaches the footer region of the page.

interactive report events.

top of page during line selection : top of page event for secondary list.

at line-selection : evey time user dbl-clicks(F2) on the list data.

at pF<key> : function key from F5 to F12 to perform interactive action on the list.


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