A function module is generated whenever a Smart Form is activated. This Smart Form could be called from the driver program by calling the function module generated in the system directly.

But this is not an efficient way of calling Smart Form for the following reason:

Whenever a Smart Form is generated, a function module is generated and the naming convention for that Smart Form is done internally by using Number range object or something similar. Let us consider the function module name as /1BCDWB/SF00000359. The function module for the next new and activated Smart Form would be /1BCDWB/SF00000360, one more than the previous one.

So when this Smart Form is transported from the development to Quality or Production system, a new function module name is generated according to the number series available in that system. If the above program is transported to either quality or production system, the program might go for a dump as the function module is not available in that system, because the number series generated in the for example in development system will be different from that of the quality system . To handle this situation, we use the function module SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME to get the name of the function module for a Smart Form dynamically. If the form is not active, the function module SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME raises the exception NO_FORM.


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