ABAP Displaying graphics through smart form

Images or graphics can be show through smart forms. We  can done it as follows:

1. Go to tcode SE78

2. Click on the BMAP and click on the Import icon as shown in the picture.


3. Upload the bmp file and enter name and description for that file.

4. Select color bit map or Black and white Bitmap images

5. Save it.

6. Now you can test it by selecting print preview of the graphic file.

7. Now go to tcode smatforms and create one form and give short description.

8. To display an image, right click on Main Window -> Create -> Graphic

9. Now you will get the following screen give the name as the name that u gave in SE78 tcode.



10. Save it and test it.

11.  Now you can see the graphics in your screen.


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