ABAP – Creating custom report Category for a report

While creating custom report that uses the Logical dtabases like PNP, PNPCE sometimes we need to customize the selection screen of the LDB. In that case we can create our own custom report category. It can be done as follows:

1. Go to SE38 and enter the report  name

2. Select the attribute radio button

3. Give logical databse name as PNP

4. Select HR report category

5. Select the master date radio button

6. Select the report category button

7. Click  new entreis

8. Enter the name of the new report category

9. Uncheck the checkbox

10. Give the neccessary details as you expect in Selection screen

11. Select Allowable selection criteria

12. Add the  fields which you want to have on your LDB Screen

13. Save and add the changes to one transport request

14. Assign the new report category to your report

15. Now the selection screen will show according to your customization


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