ABAP – Class Implementation

  1. Go To tcode SE24
  2. Enter the class name
  3. Select create option
  4. Select the radio button class
  5. Add description
  6. Select class type
  7. Select mode public, protected, private or abstract
  8. Save in package or as local object
  9. Interface tab:  If Interface is needed in that class then enter interface name and description
  10. Friends tab:  If friend class  is needed in that class then enter friend class name and description
  11. Enter the attributes
  12. Enter the methods
    1. Method name , parameter and exception details
    2. Double click on the method and enter the logic
    3. If the method is inherited one, then we can redefine the method  by clicking on the button near to display.
  13. Enter events, types and alias names
  14. Enter Public, private and protected sections
  15. Save and activate the class


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