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SAP ABAP Example for Creating dynamic internal table

In SAP sometimes we need to create internal table at runtime, in this case we can make use of the method create_dynamic_table from the class cl_alv_table_create. Steps: 1. Create the field catalogue for the internal table. 2. Call the method  create_dynamic_table from the class cl_alv_table_create. Example: Data: wa_fieldcat TYPE lvc_s_fcat, it_fieldcat TYPE lvc_t_fcat.   DATA: t_newtable TYPE REF TO data, wa_newline  TYPE REF TO data. FIELD-SYMBOLS: <t_dyntable> TYPE STANDARD TABLE,  " Dynamic internal table name <fs_dyntable>.  "Field symbol to create work area *****Build feild catalogue      CLEAR wa_fieldcat. wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'PERNR'. wa_fieldcat-datatype  = 'CHAR'. wa_fieldcat-intlen    = 8. APPEND wa_fieldcat TO it_fieldcat.    CLEAR wa_fieldcat. wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'BUKRS'. wa_fieldcat-datatype  = 'CHAR'. wa_fieldcat-intlen    = 4. APPEND wa_fieldcat TO it_fieldcat. *add more fields like this depending on ...

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SAP ABAP ALV – Removing extra unit field in total sum

In SAP ABAP ALV lsit display time, while calculating the total sum, there will be a character * in the total line. But we can remove this * symbol from the total line, by using the following: data: wa_layout     TYPE slis_layout_alv. wa_layout-no_unit_splitting = 'X'.   CALL FUNCTION 'REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY' EXPORTING i_callback_program = sy-repid is_layout          = wa_layout  "work area for the layout it_fieldcat        = it_fcat "field catalogue TABLES t_outtab           = p_table "Output table EXCEPTIONS program_error      = 1 OTHERS             = 2.

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