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ABAP – Function Module for calculating number of days in a Month

In ABAP you can calculate the number of working days for a particular month by using the  function module  NUMBER_OF_DAYS_PER_MONTH_GET. Usage: DATA:  l_days type t009b-butag, l_month TYPE t009b-bumon, l_year  TYPE t009b-bdatj. l_month = sy-datum+4(2). l_year  = sy-datum+0(4). CALL FUNCTION 'NUMBER_OF_DAYS_PER_MONTH_GET' EXPORTING PAR_MONTH       = l_month PAR_YEAR        = l_year IMPORTING PAR_DAYS        = l_days. write: l_days. The variable l_days will contains the number of working days for a given month and year. The output will be the number of days in the current month.

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