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SAP ABAP Adding additional field to custom OM Infotypes

In ABAP we can add additional field to the existing custom Infotypes. Following  will tell the steps for adding additional field to the CUSTOM OM INFOTYPES. 1. Go to SE11  and enter structure HRI9xxx 2. Add the extra field that you want in that structure 3. Go to SE51 and enter MP9xxx00 and ...

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ABAP Retrieving a Transport request

In ABAP If we change something on an object, and later if you want to retrieve the changes to old version you can do retrieve operation. It can be do as follows: 1. Enter the object name if it  table , go to SE11 and enter the table name and click ...

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ABAP Finding the transport request of objects

In ABAP we can get the transport request of  any object by using the following steps. 1. Goto transaction SE10 2. There select the below hammer like symbol.     3. Select the " Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks 4. Select the respective checkbox and enter the object name. 5. If you want other than the mentioned ...

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